Onesto is Italian for "honest".  Every day we are inspired to create honest, real food for you and your family. 

The Onesto story is one of evolution. Jane Ciccone and her husband, Jesse, have always shared a love of travel, a love of healthy lifestyles and a love of good food. Some of their favorite memories are when they lived in San Francisco and were exposed to fresh seafood at Fisherman's Wharf, farmers markets on the weekends and the "farm-to-table" approach of so many wonderful restaurants. 

  After having children, they were discouraged at the rise of overly-processed, preservative-filled snacks on grocery store shelves. In an attempt to stay healthy and set good examples for their kids (Zachary and Josie), Jane and Jesse decided to reduce unhealthy foods in their home. But, they soon realized how much they missed crackers with their cheese!  So... Jane began experimenting with her own recipes and the seeds of Onesto were planted. 

"There is nothing else that can nourish your body and soul more than sharing delicious, healthy food with family and friends. It doesn't have to be fancy or overly complicated. 
Slowing down, enjoying good food, a glass of wine and laughing with good people always fills my cup!"