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Welcome To onesto foods

Gourmet Gluten-Free

Eating honest never tasted so good. ™


Our belief...

We believe that it shouldn't be hard to find honest, real and delicious snacks that we can feel good sharing with friends and family. Onesto cookies and crackers are made entirely with non-GMO ingredients...always. We will only create food that we would share with our kids. 

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Our Products...

We craft our crackers by hand, with the simplest ingredients, the way food was meant to be made.  We will never use preservatives or chemicals in our products. 

Certified gluten-free.



OUR Promises...

  • to be honest in every way, with every one

  • to never use chemicals, preservatives or junk...ever

  • to be generous

  • to take a chance

  • to have fun

  • to only create food that we would want to eat

  • to smile at least 5 times a day

  • to always be appreciative



It is our mission to create amazing food as responsibly and mindfully as we can.